Our state-of-the-art Digital Podium Network offers advertisers a revolutionary marketing platform that not only has the ability to customize relevant content instantaneously, but is the pioneer of additional outdoor advertising opportunities.

Peek into the future

Our digital valet podiums allows business owners and advertisers to have the ability to constantly change messages.

  • Engage – Communicate with consumers through creative executions using video or still ads.
  • Instant Updates – Visual Podiums let’s you to instantly update your content
  • Targeted – Impact specific geographic and demographic audiences
  • Production cost saving – There are no posters required, so you save on the cost of printing.
  • Creativity – Digital Podiums offers some great creative opportunities

Highlight schedule events, promotions and specials

Built in fan, USB phone charging port, and WiFi for employee’s safety

Post directional and service information

120% – 180% increase in customer engagement

Equipped with rechargeable power, up to twenty hours run time

Increase sales by attracting attention

Instantly interact and engage with customers

Improve customer experience

Enhance street appeal of your business

Remotely update and change content

Podiums are available for purchasing and leasing

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